Example of Reports


Narrative Report Due Upon Completion of Project

To:  The Active Projects Administrator

     I am happy to inform you that the project LF13M55 – “The Book About the Sun” is finished and copies have been sent to district schools. I have enclosed my report, in which all expenses have been itemized, together with the appropriate receipts.
     I believe the project was a success. The book received a lot of attention from the press. Enclosed please find a copy of an article about the book in “Laiks” and a video from TV Panorama.
     I am proud to say that a project like this is a first in Latvia.
     Enclosed are copies of my book for the LF archives, as well as several newspaper reviews of the book in “Kurzemes krasts”. I hope this information will be useful for the Latvian Foundation’s newsletter and web page.
     If you have any more questions, please write me at saule@zvaigzne.lv
     I very much appreciate the support given to my project by the Latvian Foundation.

Yours truly,

Zigvalds Zvaigzne
Project Director,  "The Book about the Sun"

Financial Report

LF Project   2013   LF13M55   Book About the Sun
Grant Recipient  Zigvalds Zvaigzne

#s    Description                   Vendor        Amount           Doc. #        Date

1.  Editing                           G.Ramatika      200 Ls        inv. #3        4/4/13
2.  Cover,
photos/graphics    M.Akslinieks     300 Ls        contract #5  15/4/13
                                          Total                500Ls
                                      US dollars           $1023.00