Frequently Asked Questions


What is the submission period for grant applications?
January 1  to  February 1.

What are Small Projects?
Projects for which a grant does not exceed up to $2,000.00 and which must be completed within one year of receiving a grant. The LF board reviews all proposals and votes to determine who will receive grants for small projects. The results are announced by the end of March

What are Large Projects?
Projects granted funding ranging from $2,001-$10,000 and which must be completed within three years of receiving a grant. The LF board has been directed by the membership to select up to 10 proposals out of those submitted in the Large Projects category, which are then passed on to a general LF membership vote. The results are announced by the end of July.

What do grant Applicants need to know?

  • An applicant for a grant can be an individual or an organization. The applicant is responsible for project reporting, including expenses and accounting for these expenses
  • Only one application can be submitted per calendar year
  • If a previous project that has received a grant has not been completed, a new application cannot be submitted.

If a project did not receive a grant one year, can this project be submitted in subsequent years?
Yes, an applicant can resubmit a proposal that did not receive a grant in previous years. If a project spans over a number of years and was not approved for a grant initially, it can also reapply for funding.

How much funding can be applied for?
An applicant can apply for funding up to $2,000 (Small Project) or for funding from $2,001 - $10,000 (Large Project).  Please note that the Latvian Foundation funds only up to 50% of a projectís total expenses. For example, if a project costs $4,000, the applicant can apply for a maximum of $2,000 (Small Project) from the Latvian Foundation. If the total cost of a project is $8,000, the applicant can apply for a maximum of $4,000 from the Latvian Foundation.
What is in the Application Packet?

  • Online form
  • Two (2) reference letters (sent via email or mail)
  • Proof of registration (for organizations)
  • Additional materials that explain the purpose of the project (sent via email or mail)

What kinds of applications are not accepted by LF?

  • Applications relating to political, military, or faith-based (denominational) activities
  • Applications from individuals or organizations who have not yet completed a project awarded a LF grant in previous years, or not having settled accounts related to previously awarded LF grants by January 1, when the new competition starts
  • Applications from individuals or organizations who have not acted in good faith during the application process or while completing a project for which a grant has been previously awarded
  • Applications from applicants from Latvia who have not observed Latvian laws regarding the receiving of grants from a non-profit organization
  • Applications for projects from which there is expectation of profit, competitions with monetary or other highly valuable awards, or operating expenses for ongoing or regular events
  • Applications for projects, or parts of projects, that have already been completed.
  • Incomplete or incorrectly submitted applications

Time limits on LF funding
Small projects must be completed within a year of being funded
Large projects must be completed with three years of being funded
If these conditions are not met, LF can withdraw its funding

Completion of projects
A narrative summary report (or statement) of work done and a financial report must be submitted electronically within two months of completing a project. These should be sent to the Active Projects Administrator at The final amount of the awarded grant will then be paid out.

What is the financial report?
This is an accounting of all expenses related to that portion of the project for which LF funding was awarded. Expenditures should correspond to the items outlined in the budget. All estimates, invoices and receipts of payment should be scanned and sent electronically with the financial report. 

What is an Estimate?
An estimate is a document from a service provider, an individual or a business that outlines the service or product to be provided and gives an estimated cost for the service or product. The grantee is eligible to receive up to 50% of the grant after submitting an estimate.

What is a Receipt of Payment?
This is a document officially showing that a payment has been made in exchange for a service or product.

Who is a Patron of the LF?

A Patron is a LF member who has donated or loaned $1,000 or more to the Latvian Foundation. A patron has lifetime voting privileges. In addition to the $1,000 patron, members can also achieve:

  • Iron Patron Level - $2,500+
  • Bronze Patron Level - $5,000+
  • Amber Patron Level - $10,000+